SIR Refinery Fire 2017

A hydrogen leak on a reactor ignited causing a fire in the hydrocracking distillation unit 87, causing extensive damage to the main reactor. No fatalities were declared.

Hydrogen: Informing a Safe Decision to Achieve Net Zero

UK’s Climate Change Committee recommends the development of a hydrogen economy to service demands for some industrial processes, for energy-dense applications in long-distance HGVs and ships, and for electricity and heating in peak periods. By 2050, a new low carbon industry is needed with UK hydrogen production capacity comparable in size to the UK’s currentContinue reading “Hydrogen: Informing a Safe Decision to Achieve Net Zero”


An explosion occurred at one of Petrobras’ refineries. The blast occurred at a hydrogen conduit in an enclosed space, causing a flare and a displacement of air that threw the contract workers against the refinery’s metal structure. Proximate causes: • Inadequate maintenance • Failure following procedures • Lack of work rules/policies/ standards/procedures • Physical conditionContinue reading “PETROBRAS (RLAM) EXPLOSION 2015”


A high-pressure steam (3.7 MPa) discharge occurred during a maintenance process, resulting in three field workers burned to death. Proximate causes: • Lack of work rules/policies/ standards/procedures (wrong procedures for inspections); • Inadequate work rules plan (lack of the pre-start safety review before inspection). Source: A web-based collection and analysis of process safety incidents (

PCA (Tomahawk) Explosion 2008

Three workers were killed in an explosion at the Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) fiberboard manufacturing facility while they were welding on a temporary metal clamp to stabilize a damaged flange connection. The flange was located on top of an 80-foot tall storage tank that contained recycled water and fiber waste. Facility personnel were unawareContinue reading “PCA (Tomahawk) Explosion 2008”