Our portfolio is constantly evolving to match technology & regulatory changes:

Process Safety studies including HAZID, WHAT-IF, SWIFT, HAZOP, FMEA, PHA, FTA & LOPA where we employ all the leading PHA/HAZOP tools including PHA-Pro, PHAWorks, LEADER & HAZOP Manager.

Calculation of predicted performance for Equipment & Human Reliability using the latest tools & techniques including exSILentia.

Alarm and Abnormal situation analysis & management in accordance with industry guidance (EEMUA191, IEC 62682 & ISA.S18)

Safety Requirement Specifications, Verification, Validation, Functional Safety Assessments & Audits in accordance with industry standards (61511, ISA.S84)

Evaluation of Process Safety Performance Indicators in accordance with industry guidance including API 754 & HSG 254.

Development and deployment of Process Safety, Functional Safety & Risk Management systems in accordance with industry standards including ISO 31000, Energy Institute PSM, CCPS RBPS & 61511/S84.

Formal training and informal coaching in topics, tools & techniques including Process Safety, Functional Safety & Bowtie Analysis

Independent & objective formal auditing and informal surveys

Customisation of Office tools using Visual Basic & VBA and Process Safety applications including BowTieXP and PHA-Pro.

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