Solutions focusing on the mandatory & moral obligations of protecting Personnel and the Environment from a Loss of Containment (Process Safety) and the commercial expectation to address a Loss of Control (Process Integrity) and the potential impact on Equipment & Reputation.

We are a Value Added Consultancy Partner for CGE Risk Management Solutions providing barrier-based risk management solutions based on BowTie principles, specialising in Analysis Visualisation – converting Static Spreadsheets into Dynamic Diagrams to improve collaboration and enhance communication.

Process Safety Events

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We developed Process Safety Events as a relational database and online resource to help duty-holders Learn from previous Process Industry (and other relevant) Incidents and take appropriate corrective & preventive Action to avoid similar events in the future based on positive and negative experiences of similar processes and plants.

Accidents, with a few exceptions, are not caused by lack of knowledge, but by a failure to use the knowledge that is available

Trevor KLETZ

Historical Accidents (unplanned events) and near-misses are curated from a variety of technical and media sources and are presented both chronologically and geographically to highlight the diversity of time & place when & where incidents have occurred.

The incident database is migrating to a new dedicated platform – during this transition the research will still be available, however some features may be unavailable or will have reduced functionality.

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Accident Anniversaries

To ensure previous events are not forgotten or dismissed, an incident summary will appear on this page as a reminder of what happened ‘On this Day in History‘.

The incident will be posted on the following social media platforms (@majoraccidents) to provide a continuous timeline of incidents that can be revisited on demand.

Assistance on using the Incidents site is available on the Help page and the principles of the research is summarised on the About page.

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