Providing Solutions

It is simply not enough to ACKNOWLEDGE (I now know that my facility is vulnerable to this type of event) or APPRECIATE (I now understand WHY it relates to my assets/activities) the Lessons to be Learned from previous Incidents – we must ACT (Corrective action to deal with an incident that has occurred) and ANTICIPATE (Preventive action to address the potential for the same or similar incident from occurring here or elsewhere in the future) to literally prevent history repeating itself.

We use the event database to connect Incidents (Major Accident Events) to Lessons based upon PSM Elements that are constructed and sustained using industry standard techniques and technologies which are presented as Topics.

Technical specialists provide solutions around these topics to help dutyholders meet their regulatory obligations and commercial expectations and offer assistance to address deficiencies in PSM elements including:

• Incomplete or Incorrect assessments/analyses (Poor Inputs, Limited Scope or Actions not Addressed)
• Inadequate or Inactive controls/protection (Degraded, Defeated or Deleted barriers)
• Inappropriate, Irrelevant or Impractical processes/procedures (Out of Date or Unrealistic)
• Inaccurate documentation/drawings (“As-Is” ≠ “As-Built” ≠ “As-Designed”)

We offer solution providers a platform to promote their portfolio which may include Services (including Consulting and Classroom & Online Training) and Products (including Software):


To showcase your company and the topics you cover, which we will connect to Lessons and Incidents to provide context and value e.g. this is relevant because its errors or omissions contributed to this or this type of incident, then please email us via the link below: