Mission Impossible?

Most of us use Google daily, but how many actually know or think about their vision or mission?

Our mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


We endeavour to do the same in our way in your industry – quite simply we aim to organise the world’s Process Safety information and make it universally accessible and useful.


Collating key messages (lessons to be learned) from incidents and connecting them to familiar frameworks and technical topics via intelligent categorisation.


Curating the wealth of information (not limited by location or language) from existing databases, investigations reports & competent contributors.


Free and easy to access with interactions to/from social media in languages & visual formats that offer learning opportunities to the many not just the few.


Knowledge is nothing without action (ideally proactive rather than reactive) and we aim not just to highlight problems but offer solutions.

Our goal is to Inform the next generation of Leaders & Duty-Holders, Remind the current generation of Industry veterans and Engage all Stakeholders through …


Past ACCIDENTS (unplanned events) from a variety of sources are presented chronologically and geographically to highlight the diversity of time & place when & where incidents have occurred.


Current MEDIA (including social media posts, incident videospodcasts and bulletins) provides context via PSM Framework Lessons and Technical Topics. We also use intelligence and innovators to communicate and inspire.


Future EVENTS (including webinarsonline training and physical meetings) are also linked to/from each Incident via related Lessons & Topics to help focus learning & action.

Is this Mission Impossible? – it’s certainly not easy and we can never claim to have all the facts on all the accidents, incidents, near-misses or close calls.

David Buzzelli, a vice president of the Dow Chemical Company, openly stated …

For an industry so proud of its technical safety achievement it is humbling to have to admit that most of our significant safety improvements were developed in response to plant accidents


We can’t capture & communicate all the problems, and we certainly don’t state that we have all the solutions, however we have a growing network of providers who offer services, software, coaching & training.

Process Safety is certainly not a religion (a particular system of faith and worship – although we often have blind faith that our protection measures are always present and performing) so we’re not looking for Missionaries in the strict definition of the word (a person sent on a religious missions) because we aren’t crusading or trying to convert “non-believers”.

The best definition is perhaps Evangelists (zealous or enthusiastic advocates of a particular cause)

If you are a Process Safety Evangelist who can promote their research, share their teaching and/or deliver solutions – please join us because this Mission matters:


We believe it’s Mission Difficult not Mission Impossible!