Visual HAZOP

HAZOP Visualisation

Exploit the communication features and collaboration benefits of BowTies to visualise existing HAZOP/PHA studies (in various formats) to increase stakeholder engagement and duty holder awareness.

Graphical representation of scenarios can expose imbalances or bias in your protection portfolio e.g. your basis of safety is predominantly RESISTANCE (prevention) with little consideration of RESILIENCE (Recovery or Mitigation) or your Safeguards are of same or similar technology as the causes and you are vulnerable to Common Cause failures.

Even a well facilitated study can be poorly recorded and badly shared – consider migrating old, stale worksheets into interactive diagrams.

Ensure Safeguards (Barriers) are assigned to appropriate Causes (Threats) and Consequences

  • PHA tools (and MS-Office templates) often group Safeguards together
  • Segregation of Prevention vs. Mitigation measures to provide balanced protection

Show big picture and also individual or one-to-many relationships

Categorise (colour) components

  • Highlight dependence on Threat & Barrier technology & responsibility
  • Cause (Threat) likelihood, Safeguard (Barrier) effectiveness & Consequence severity

Framework for ongoing Safeguard (Barrier) Assurance

  • Confirmation of Installation, Operation & Performance via Audits & Incident analysis

Worksheet information is not lost – scenario knowledge is gained

  • Utilise existing industry applications and office tools
  • Improve recollection of participants
  • Enhance engagement of stakeholders
  • More easily identify duplication or similar barriers
  • Avoid barrier imbalance on left side (more resistance than resilience)
  • Incorporate multiple Risk Matrices (Unmitigated & Mitigated)
  • Seamless evolution to LOPA
  • Clear indication of Action status (Open & Closed)
  • Reduced effort to review analysis every 5 years (MAH,HHC, MHF,MHI regulations) or after major modification (including personnel changes) or incident.
  • Visual information is understood quicker and retained longer than text