Just as an optical prism breaks light into its constituent colours, the Process Risk & Integrity Status Map (PRISM™) subdivides a wealth of process data into its constituent information to provide clarity & context that is understandable and actionable by the full spectrum of stakeholders from the Boardroom to the Control Room.

This provides a management dashboard for macro management at an enterprise level and micro management at an asset level. It is anticipated that PRISM™ will be deployed in two formats:

  • Light – manually updated e.g. via linked Excel spreadsheet
  • Live – automatically updated

The Live version could interface with existing data management systems including:

  • Maintenance Management e.g. SAP, Maximo etc
  • Document Management e.g. Documentum etc
  • Process Management e.g. Distributed Control Systems, PI etc
  • Barrier Management e.g. BowTieServer

It will support short-term decision making e.g. work planning such as Permit to Work systems and/or as part of Shift Handover and long-term evaluation e.g. investment to mitigate future problems.

Visualising the process in topographical rather than technical language will better inform and aid the understanding of non-specialists and confirm the interpretation of specialists.

Using a clear, consistent format enable businesses to monitor performance within their company and their industry by anonymously comparing against peers and/or competitors who use the same criteria.

For more information on PRISM™, please contact us.