Exploiting the power of Microsoft Access and the ease of use of Micorosoft Excel, Sphera PHA-Pro is the industry leader in HAZOP or Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) recording and evaluation.

We have substantial experience in using and configuring PHA-Pro in the following (and other) studies:

• Hazard Identification – including HAZID, SWIFT, HAZOP & FMEA
• Risk Assessment – including Matrix, Risk Graph & LOPA
• Alarm Management – including Rationalisation and Optimisation.

PHA-Pro has been customised to create re-usable templates based on industry standards and corporate criteria including:

ASM-Pro Abnormal Situation (Alarm) Management
SIA-Pro (Functional) Safety Integrity Analysis
HRA-Pro Human Reliability Assessment
CHA-Pro Computer Hazard (Cyber Security) Assessment.

Please contact us for further information on these customised PHA-Pro tools & templates.