This simple but effective technique is now the preferred method for visualising hazards and managing risks across a wide number of industries.

The CGE Risk portfolio of BowTie applications has become the de-facto standard and I offer hands-on application knowledge to add value to your projects and processes by providing independent scrutiny of the barriers that you rely on to keep your plants safe and profitable.

We also offer proven proficiency in qualifying and quantifying bowtie scenarios using innovative plug-ins:

Our practical approach ensures the power of BowTieXP is fully exploited to collect critical asset information and share valuable knowledge.

LOPA using BowTieXP
Importing LOPA worksheets from Excel to BowTieXP

Importing HAZOP worksheets from PHA-Pro to BowTieXP
Importing LOPA worksheets from PHA-Pro to BowTieXP

For more information on how we develop & deploy BowTieXP and barrier-based risk management systems, please contact us.