Ramin Abhari

Stories have been part of the human experience since our caveman ancestors’ earliest social gatherings by the fire.  Regardless of time or place, all stories have certain themes in common.  They teach acceptable behavior, discuss moral and relationship challenges, dramatize historic events, communicate ideas, and entertain.  Stories have also served to preserve knowledge.  These stories are the “lessons learned at great cost” that have to be transferred from one generation to the next. 

I have worked in the chemical process industry for over thirty years.  Something I have seen many times is how a safety presentation on seemingly dull policies immediately connects with the audience when story of a related accident is shared.   

Storytelling is a skill.  Some have the ability to grip the listener with their spoken word.  I do not have that skill.  So instead, I tell my stories through my art. 

I am a graphical storyteller, a chemical engineer, and an inventor.  I hope you enjoy my graphic novels.