Ian Travers

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Understanding complex risk management

I have a unique combination of expertise and experience in the management of major hazard risks coupled with an innovative approach to the diagnosis and analysis of risk management systems, safety culture and corporate leadership.

My extensive experience in the investigation of major accidents, identification of underlying root causes and from experience working with individual companies and sector expert groups means that I am able to fulfil a number of expert roles

Twenty five years experience

Former HSE Deputy Director, Chemicals Regulation I have over twenty five years’ experience in the regulation of chemical and major hazard industries and in the investigation of major incidents to discover the underlying causes. I am a world expert on process safety management, leadership and the establishment and implementation of key performance indicators for major hazard industries. I hold the Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Franklin Medal for my outstanding contribution to Process Safety.

I can provide a unique insight to how HSE, the global leading safety regulator, verifies risk management systems in the chemicals, oils, gas and other major hazard industries. I know how complex systems fail and how to manage risks efficiently and effectively. I can quickly and reliably check that an organisation has on-the-ground safety under control to provide pragmatic solutions and training where problems exist.

Significant Achievements

  • Regulation
  • Process safety management and key performance indicators
  • OECD Guidelines on Process Safety Governance
  • Buncefield accident
  • Identifying process safety risk vulnerability
  • Deepwater Horizon accident