August, 2009

200925AugAll DayValve Seal Compatibility with Gasoline/5% Ethanol Mix (E5) on Fuel Loading Racks at TerminalsPSF Safety Alert 001 Origin: PSF Lessons:Asset integrity,Operational IntegrityLanguage:EN


Two recent incidents on fuel loading racks at terminals have resulted in the loss of containment of product (E5).

Loss of product was due to the failure of the Flow Control Valve (FCV) to close completely once the target volume had been reached. Note in both incidents, the FCV acted as both the metering valve and the automated shutoff valve.

In one instance it was seen that the ‘O’ ring seals used on the FCV had failed, in the second case, an ‘O’ ring seal on the Normally Open solenoid (which closes the FCV) had failed.

At least one of the incidents was probably caused by product attack on the ‘O’ ring..


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