January, 2018

201821JanAll DayThe PSM-Road Map, the technical tool to implement RBPSLessons:PROCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENTLanguage:EN Origin: César Puma Document Type:Post


Many organizations continue to be challenged by the inadequate performance of the management system, resource constraints and stagnant results of process security. The most common problems encountered when implementing the RBPS are:

• If it is not a legal requirement, we do not do it!
• The company’s resources are disproportionately focused on personal safety.
• Given the injuries the workers are decreasing the administration assumes that this also indicates that the risk of process safety incidents must also be decreasing.
• Process safety management was developed by and for large companies. Small companies often do not have the capacity to implement similar systems.
• Process safety management was implemented as a separate and independent system that was not integrated into the overall management system of the organization.
• There are no consistent and widely recognized measurement systems available for process safety.
• Implementation and audit costs are high and audits have focused on the symptoms of the problems; they have not been able to identify the underlying causes.