August, 2003

200301AugAll DaySimply mixing chemicalsProcess Safety Beacon | Mixing Chemicals can have unexpected consequences. Caution, Caution, CautionLessons:Operational Integrity,Risk AssessmentLanguage:EN Origin: CCPS Document Type:BulletinTopics:Chemical Reaction


Here’s What Happened:

This picture shows what can happen if the hazards of reactive chemistry are not recognized. A worker was preparing a solution for use and accidentally mixed two incompatible chemicals in a small bucket. A violent exothermic chemical reaction began immediately and generated enough heat to boil the material. The hot mixture spewed out of the bucket and splashed on the worker causing serious burns to several parts of his body.

In the case described above, the worker was the only one injured, but if a similar uncontrolled reaction had taken place in a vessel, what would the result have been?

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