June, 2012

201201JunAll DayCorporate Governance for Process SafetyGuidance for Senior Leaders in High Hazard Industries Origin: OECD Lessons:PROCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENTLanguage:EN


This guidance on Corporate Governance for Process Safety has been prepared as part of the OECD Chemical Accidents Programme, and aims to identify the Essential Elements of Corporate Governance for Process Safety. It is compatible with the OECD Guiding Principles for Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response and the OECD Guidance on Developing Safety Performance Indicators.

This publication is the result of a collaborative effort – under the supervision of the OECD Steering Group on Corporate Leadership – involving a large number of experts from many countries and organisations, in both the public and private sector. Based on the collective experience of this diverse group of international experts, Corporate Governance for Process Safety – Guidance for Senior Leaders in High Hazard Industries seeks to establish “best practice”.

This guidance is aimed at senior leaders within the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum and other high hazard industries. In this publication, senior leaders refers to chief executive officers, presidents, board members (executive and non-executive), directors or other senior personnel within an organisation who have the authority to influence the direction and culture of that organisation. The guidance will also be of benefit to other stakeholders in high hazard industries, whether as a shareholder, regulator or other interested party.

Whilst primarily targeted at the chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industries, this guidance will also be useful for any industry or organisation which, due to the nature of their processes or hazardous substances, could cause serious danger to multiple people or the environment, either on or off site.