February, 2014

201418FebAll DayCDOIF: Guidance on ‘Human Factors Review of Procedures’PSF Learning Brief 007 Origin: PSF Lessons:Management of ChangeLanguage:EN


The Chemical and Downstream Oil Industries Forum (CDOIF)1 has recently published guidance to help duty holders to complete a human factors review of procedures, including identification of safety critical tasks.

Several incidents in recent years have highlighted the importance of procedures – ensuring procedures are fit for purpose and take adequate account of what people are required to do as part of a potentially hazardous activity is critical in reducing risks to both people and the environment.

Applying Human Factors (HF) as part of the review process for procedures has in some cases been difficult for duty holders to put into practice in a resource efficient way. This has led to instances whereby systems have been created that are burdensome to implement and difficult to maintain.

This guidance has been developed to be concise, practical and flexible to allow duty holders to carry out a review of HF as applied to procedures. It has been written at a sufficiently high level to enable non-HF specialists to complete a review, but also sign-post to more detailed guidance where appropriate.


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