November, 2015

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On the night of October 23, 2009, a large explosion occurred at the Caribbean Petroleum Corporation (CAPECO) facility in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, during offloading of gasoline from a tanker ship, the Cape Bruny, to the CAPECO tank farm onshore.

A 5 million gallon aboveground storage tank (AST) overflowed into a secondary containment dike. The gasoline spray aerosolized, forming a large vapour cloud, which ignited after reaching an ignition source in the wastewater treatment (WWT) area of the facility. The blast and fire from multiple secondary explosions resulted in significant damage to 17 of the 48 petroleum storage tanks and other equipment onsite and in neighbourhoods and businesses offsite. The fires burned for almost 60 hours. Petroleum products leaked into the soil, nearby wetlands and navigable waterways in the surrounding area.


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