September, 2014

201430SepAll DayAnniversary of HMS Glasgow FirePSF Learning Brief 010 Origin: PSF Lessons:Contractor Management,Control of Work,Emergency Preparedness,Process KnowledgeLanguage:EN


Investigation Findings: During the construction of the HMS Glasgow an oxygen valve on an oxygen cylinder in a badly ventilated part of deck 3 and 4 which had limited access by timber ladders had been left open. The result was that the room and area had become oxygen rich and it was observed by those who had smoked cigarettes that their cigarettes burned through to the filter tip before they could draw on it. An employee of Telemeter Installations, working alongside Swan Hunter employees was preparing do some arc welding. He struck the electric arc between the welding rod and work piece and immediately, due to the atmosphere, a very intense fire broke out which included the rapid combustion of painted surfaces and rubber covered cables strewn across the deck were giving off black smoke and most of deck 2 was quickly engulfed. At the height of the fire aluminium melted indicating a temperature in excess of 660 degrees C and eight men were killed. Swan Hunters safety officer knew of the fire risk connected with oxygen and prepared a blue book for Swan Hunter employees and provided the information to their employees. However they failed to distribute this information to Telemeter and other contractors. Swan Hunter was prosecuted and fined £3,000


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