October, 2020

202001OctAll DayAmmonium NitrateEPSC Learning Sheet | Store Ammonium Nitrate with great care Origin: EPSC Lessons:Asset integrity,Process KnowledgeLanguage:EN


Stored Ammonium Nitrate (AN) has exploded violently

• AN is used as fertilizer and sometimes stored in large quantities close to populated areas.
• Under a number of conditions, certain grades of AN can undergo a violent decomposition resulting in a devastating detonation. Fire and shock wave can cause ignition.
NH4NO3 → N2 + 2 H2O + 0.5 O2 releases ca 118 kJ/mol
• Safe handling and storage of AN requires the application of basic rules understood by all involved. See public guidance from EFMA European Fertilizers Manufacturers Association.
• Contaminants (e.g. chlorinated products and metals) might enhance reactivity. Ensure accidental mixing is not possible.
• Limit at all times the maximum quantity and define layout with safe distances based on risk calculations.


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