September, 2015

This is a repeating event

201528SepAll DaySAINATH CHEMICALS EXPLOSION 2015Sainath Chemicals, Visakhapatnam (IN)Lessons:Asset integrity,Audits & Reviews,Commitment & Culture,Competency,Compliance with Standards,Control of Work,Emergency Preparedness,Incident Investigation,Management of Change,Operating Procedures,Operational Integrity,Operational Readiness,Process Knowledge,Risk Assessment,Workforce InvolvementIndustry:Life SciencesCountry:IndiaLanguage:ENLoC:Confined explosion Origin: MKOPSC Incident:Runaway reaction explosionImpact:HUMAN (On Site Fatalities)Effects:1-10 Fatalities


A chemical reactor blast occurred at a pharmaceutical unit The company produced bulk drugs and intermediates in the pharma unit. This incident was the 6th incident in Pharma hub in past 2 years.

Source: A web-based collection and analysis of process safety incidents (
Image Credit: The Hindu


MKOPSCMary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center