February, 2015

This is a repeating event

201519FebAll DayHUBEI FUSHENG CHEMICAL EXPLOSION 2015Hubei Fusheng Chemical Co., Yichang, Hubei (CN)Lessons:Commitment & Culture,Competency,Compliance with Standards,Control of Work,Operating Procedures,Operational Integrity,Operational Readiness,Performance Indicators,Process Knowledge,Risk Assessment,Workforce InvolvementIndustry:ChemicalsCountry:ChinaLanguage:ENLoC:Component malfunction Origin: MKOPSC Incident:Explosive decompositionHazards:ExplosiveContributory Factors:Organization Inadequate,Organized Procedures,Training/InstructionImpact:HUMAN (On Site Fatalities)Effects:1-10 FatalitiesMaterial:Nitro-based fertilizer,Urea-based fertilizer


An explosion occurred due to an overflow of a slurry mixing tank, containing potassium sulfide, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and MAP.

Proximate causes:
• Inadequate training/knowledge transfer (Lack of understanding the process);
• Lack of work rules/policies/ standards/procedures (wrong procedures for inspections);
• Inadequate work rules plan (lack of the pre-start safety review before inspection).

Source: A web-based collection and analysis of process safety incidents (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0950423016302285)


MKOPSCMary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center