April, 2023

This is a repeating event

202302AprAll DayLa Plata Refinery Explosion 2013YPF Ensenada (AR)Industry:RefiningCountry:ArgentinaLanguage:ENLoC:Natural event Origin: Marsh Incident:VCEHazards:FlammableImpact:HUMAN (On Site At Risk)Effects:EnvironmentalMaterial:Hydrocarbons


A fire broke out in the 188,000 barrels-per-day refinery, caused by flash-floods during heavy rain. The rain overwhelmed the storm drainage system on the refinery, resulting in hydrocarbons being washed out of the drains and around the site. An explosion was reported in the crude distillation unit. There were two fires in the crude distillation unit (CDU), one in the coking plant and two in the topping distillation plant. The government agency said the incident had been caused by hydrocarbons exploding in one of the coke manufacturing furnaces. The furnaces had been shut down, but were still hot enough to ignite the hydrocarbon. It took eight hours to extinguish the fire and 10 hours before the incident was under control. There were no fatalities or injuries.

[ Property Damage $225 Million. Estimated Current Value $243 Million ]

Image credit: YPF