May, 2024

This is a repeating event

202413MayAll DayAban Pearl Sinking 2010Dragon Gas Field Caribbean Sea (VE)Industry:OffshoreCountry:VenezuelaLanguage:ENLoC:Natural event Origin: Marsh Incident:CapsizeHazards:Mechanical/Kinetic/PotentialImpact:COST (On Site)Effects:Financial


A natural gas drilling rig sank in the Caribbean Sea, but all 95 workers were evacuated safely and there was no reported leakage. The sinking was caused by a sudden surge of water entering one of the submarine rafts that the platform legs floated on. Automatic subsea safety valves meant the well was secure and no leakage of oil occurred.

[ Property Damage $235 Million. Estimated Current Value $270 Million ]

Image credit: AFP