March, 2007

This is a repeating event

200720MarAll DayNiigata Explosion 2007Shin-Etsu Niigata (JP)Industry:ChemicalsCountry:JapanLanguage:ENLoC:Confined explosion Origin: Marsh Incident:Dust explosionHazards:FlammableImpact:HUMAN (Offsite Injuries)Effects:< 100 InjuriesMaterial:Methylcellulose


An accident occurred at a methylcellulose manufacturing facility. An explosion occurred and was followed by a fire, which was extinguished about seven hours later. A total of 17 people working at the site were injured in this accident; three critically, five seriously, and nine with minor injuries. There was one minor injury off site. Ignition of the methylcellulose powder is though to have been due to static electricity, resulting in a powder dust explosion. All methylcellulose operations were suspended for two months before sequentially restarting.

[ Property Damage $240 Million. Estimated Current Value $306 Million ]

Image credit: Shin-Etsu