January, 2021

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202106JanAll DayAlbian Sands Explosion 2003Shell Canada Albian Sands (CA-AB) Origin: Marsh Industry:RefiningCountry:CanadaLanguage:ENLoC:DeteriorationIncident:VCEHazard:FlammableImpact:HUMAN (On Site Injuries)Consequence:< 100 InjuriesMaterial:Hydrocarbons


This incident occurred at an oil sands facility, specifically with minor explosions occurring in the froth treatment plant. Damage appeared to be mainly limited to electrical cables in the solvent recovery area. The cause of the fire appears to have been a hydrocarbon leak in piping. The plant’s emergency response team was assisted by the local fire brigade and the fire was extinguished in two hours. Only one minor injury was reported. The incident occurred eight days after the new facility began operating.

[ Property Damage $120 Million. Estimated Current Value $189 Million ]

Image credit: Jason Woodhead



Wed 6 Jan 2021 - Wed 6 Jan 2021


Albian Sands

Muskeg River Mine, Main Gate, Canada