January, 1998

This is a repeating event

199809JanAll DayPascagoula Refinery Hurricane/Flood 1998Chevron Pascagoula (US-MS) Origin: Marsh Industry:RefiningCountry:United StatesLanguage:ENLoC:Natural event


The entire refinery was shut down for three months after being struck by Hurricane Georges. The hurricane left the entire plant submerged under more than four feet of salt water from the Gulf of Mexico. Although the hurricane was only a Category 2 storm, its slow movement subjected the refinery to 17 hours of high wind and rain. The storm surge overtopped the dikes built to protect the refinery. In all, some 2,100 motors, 1,900 pumps, 8,000 instrument components, 280 turbines, and 200 miscellaneous machinery items required replacement or extensive rebuilding. Newer control buildings and electrical substations sustained little or no damage, as they had been built with their ground floors elevated approximately five feet above grade.

[ Property Damage $190 Million. Estimated Current Value $349 Million ]

Image credit: Chevron