March, 1987

This is a repeating event

198705MarAll DayTrans-Andean Pipeline Earthquake 1987Ecuador (EC)Industry:PipelinesCountry:EcuadorLanguage:ENLoC:Natural event Origin: Marsh Incident:Gas/vapour/mist/etc release to airHazards:FlammableContributory Factors:Natural EventImpact:ENVIRONMENTAL (Offsite)Effects:EnvironmentalMaterial:Crude Oil


Some 25 miles of Trans-Andean pipeline disappeared in this event, which also damaged natural gas and gasoline pipelines. All 285 producing wells were shut down and oil exports were suspended and swap arrangement made with Venezuelan suppliers. The first earthquake registered 6.0 on the Richter scale, the second 6.8, and there was a total of 10 earthquakes in total. Repairs took several months.

[ Property Damage $120 Million. Estimated Current Value $288 Million ]

Image credit: NAPU