January, 2021

This is a repeating event

202108JanAll DayBantry Bay Terminal Explosion 1979Betelgeuse Whiddy Island (IE) Origin: Marsh Industry:ShippingCountry:IrelandLanguage:ENLoC:Fire exposureIncident:VCEHazard:FlammableImpact:HUMAN (On Site Fatalities)Consequence:11 – 100 FatalitiesMaterial:Crude Oil


An 11-year-old, 121,000-deadweight-ton tanker had completed unloading its first parcel of Arabian heavy crude when a small fire was noticed on deck. About 10 minutes later, fire spread to both sides of the ship. Later, a massive explosion occurred. The initiating event of the disaster was likely the buckling of the ship’s structure at deck level. Explosions in the ballast tanks and the breaking of the ship’s back followed. These events were produced by the conjunction of two separate factors: a seriously weakened hull due to inadequate maintenance and an excessive stress due to incorrect ballasting at the time of the disaster. In addition to the total loss of the ship, 1,130 feet of the concrete and steel jetty were damaged or destroyed.

[ Property Damage $70 Million. Estimated Current Value $248 Million ]

Image credit: Irish Times



Fri 8 Jan 2021 - Fri 8 Jan 2021


Bantry Bay

MFP9+VH Reenaknock, Newtown West, County Cork, Ireland