December, 2017

201720DecAll Day14th Element PSM: OPERATIONAL READINESSLessons:Operational ReadinessLanguage:EN Origin: César Puma Document Type:Post


Ensuring the safe startup of processes over the life of a facility is one of nine elements in the RBPS pillar of managing risk. This poster describes the management practices for performing pre-startup reviews of (1) new processes, (2) processes that have been shut down for modification, and (3) processes that have been administratively shut down for other reasons. These practices verify the operational readiness (readiness) of a process and help to ensure that the process is safe to restart; too describes the key principies and essential features of a management system for this element; and lists work activities that support these essential features and presents a range of approaches that might be appropriate for each work activity, depending on perceived risk, resources, and organizational culture.