SM cloud from a storage tank

Styrene Monomer (SM) polymerised exothermally in two storage tanks, evaporating SM that was released from the tank. The toxic gas cloud killed 12 and injured ca 1000 in the area.


A gas leak at an Indian chemical factory has killed at least 11 people and hospitalised hundreds. The styrene tanks had been left unattended due to India’s coronavirus lockdown. The LG Chemical plant, located in Visakhapatnam on India’s east coast, had been offline due to India’s coronavirus lockdown which began on 24 March. Relaxing ofContinue reading “LG POLYMERS TOXIC RELEASE 2020”

Shell (Belpre) Explosion 1994

An abnormal chemical reaction occurred during the batch production of a thermoplastic rubber product, resulting in an explosion at this plant. As a result of the explosion the reactor, process controls, accessories, control room, and building for this production unit were completely destroyed. The fire then spread to involve part of the tank farm, resultingContinue reading “Shell (Belpre) Explosion 1994”