Praxair Fire 2005

St. Louis was experiencing a heat wave with bright sunlight and temperatures reaching 97 °F (36 °C) on June 24, 2005. Praxair operations proceeded normally during the morning and early afternoon; however, about 3:20 pm, a technician retrieving cylinders from an outside storage area saw a ten-foot high flame coming from a cylinder and activatedContinue reading “Praxair Fire 2005”

BASF (Wilton) Fire 1995

At approximately 0400 hrs on the 9th October 1995 the fire alarm sounded in ICI’s Wilton Site Emergency Services Control Centre, alerting of a fire in the BASF warehouse which was used for storing polypropylene finished products. Almost an hour later a major emergency on the site was declared and the full on-site emergency planContinue reading “BASF (Wilton) Fire 1995”

Port Arthur Explosion 2006

A shelter-in-place was ordered when a fire broke out following an explosion in the propylene refrigeration section of an ethylene unit. The fire, which burned for three days, forced the shutdown of the facility for approximately six months, but caused no deaths or serious injuries. [ Property Damage $200 Million. Estimated Current Value $268 MillionContinue reading “Port Arthur Explosion 2006”

Litvinov Explosion 2015

A short interruption in the supply of cooling water to a separation column downstream of a steam cracker resulted in the need to open relief valves from the column to flare. Subsequent manual choking back of the relief line to flare resulted in the pressure relief valves opening. These valves vibrated excessively, resulting in theContinue reading “Litvinov Explosion 2015”