Herrig Brothers Explosion 1998

On April 9, 1998, an 18,000-gallon propane tank exploded at the Herrig Brothers farm in Albert City, Iowa. The explosion killed two volunteer firefighters and injured seven other emergency response personnel. Several buildings were also damaged by the blast. KEY ISSUES: • DESIGN & INSTALLATION DEFICIENCIES • REGULATORY OVERSIGHT • BLEVE HAZARD & EMERGENCY RESPONSEContinue reading “Herrig Brothers Explosion 1998”

Williams Olefins Explosion 2013

The June 13, 2013 catastrophic equipment rupture, explosion, and fire at the Williams Olefins Plant in Geismar, Louisiana, which killed two Williams employees. The incident occurred during nonroutine operational activities that introduced heat to a type of heat exchanger called a ‘reboiler’ which was offline, creating an overpressure event while the vessel was isolated fromContinue reading “Williams Olefins Explosion 2013”

DSM Beek Explosion 1975

Early on 7 November 1975, start-up of the Naphtha cracker commenced on the ethylene plant at the Dutch State Mines (DSM) works at Beek. At 06:00 hours compressed gas was sent to the low temperature system. At 09:48 hours an escape of vapour occurred from the depropaniser which ignited, resulting in a massive vapour cloudContinue reading “DSM Beek Explosion 1975”

Feyzin LPG Explosion 1966

On 4th January 1966, an operation to drain off an aqueous layer from a propane storage sphere was attempted. Two valves were opened in series on the bottom of the sphere. When the operation was nearly complete, the upper valve was closed and then cracked open again. No flow came out of the cracked valve,Continue reading “Feyzin LPG Explosion 1966”

Ju’aymah Explosion 1987

At this gas processing plant, a series of electrical power interruptions caused several shutdowns of one or both of the identical 165,000 bbl-per-day gas fractionation process trains. The parallel trains were separated from one another by approximately 100 feet. At the time of the loss, the propane feed was approximately 100% of design capacity forContinue reading “Ju’aymah Explosion 1987”