Komo Earthquake 2018

The earthquake struck with an intensity of M7.5 (MM IX), with aftershocks over the following weeks. The event caused building and infrastructure damage, and sinkholes and landslides. Over 160 people were killed from the local communities and many injured. The damage affected the local airport at Komo, which was significantly damaged, the gas conditioning plantContinue reading “Komo Earthquake 2018”

Arzew Explosion 2019

A fire broke out at Algeria’s main liquefied natural gas (LNG) complex in Arzew’s petrochemical hub. The fire was preceded by two explosions that were reported to shake industrial and residential buildings kilometers away. Many people initially took the blasts for an earthquake, because of their intensity. Four people were reportedly injured in the incident.


10 workers have now died following an explosion on 3 June, at a chemicals factory in India, reports news agency The Indian Express. Reportedly, more than 70 others were injured. The blast occurred at a facility owned by specialty chemicals and intermediates company Yashashvi Rasayan, in an industrial area located in Dahej, in the BharuchContinue reading “YASHASVI RASAYAN FIRE 2020”