Viareggio Explosion 2009

On 29 June 2009, shortly before midnight, a train transporting LPG from the oil refinery of Trecate, near Milan, to a LPG storage depot located in Gricignano, near Naples derailed while crossing Viareggio station and five of fourteen rail tankers overturned. Approximately 45 tonnes of LPG was released and the gas cloud spread to theContinue reading “Viareggio Explosion 2009”

PEMEX LPG Explosion 1984

At approximately 05:35 hours on 19 November 1984 a major fire and a series of catastrophic explosions occurred at the government owned and operated PEMEX LPG Terminal at San Juan Ixhuatepec, Mexico City. As a consequence of these events some 500 individuals were killed and the terminal destroyed. Three refineries supplied the facility with LPGContinue reading “PEMEX LPG Explosion 1984”

Cactus Gas Explosion 1996

A vapor-cloud explosion centered in the Cryogenic Unit No. 2 and two subsequent explosions in the Cryogenic Unit No. 1 occurred at this gas-processing complex. As a result of the explosions, the Cryogenic Unit No. 2 and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) product pumps in the Cryogenic Unit No. 1 were extensively damaged, the control roomsContinue reading “Cactus Gas Explosion 1996”