Honeywell Toxic Releases 2003

On July 20, a chlorine cooler at the Baton Rouge plant failed, leaking chlorine into the Genetron 143a refrigerant (G-143a) coolant system. The coolant system itself then failed, releasing chlorine to the atmosphere, which overwhelmed operators located both inside and outside the control room and caused them to leave the area. Seven plant workers wereContinue reading “Honeywell Toxic Releases 2003”

CITGO (Corpus Christi) Fire 2009

A fire in the alkylation unit at CITGO’s Corpus Christi refinery led to a release of hydrofluoric acid (HF). The alkylation unit makes high-octane blending components for gasoline. One worker was critically burned. KEY ISSUES: • ENSURE ADEQUATE WATER SUPPLY TO THE HF MITIGATION SYSTEM • AUDIT FACILITIES AGAINST AP 751 ROOT CAUSES: 1. InadequateContinue reading “CITGO (Corpus Christi) Fire 2009”