SONARA Refinery Explosion 2019

A fire and subsequent explosion near the distillation unit on the refinery resulted in the whole site’s shutdown, which is expected to last up to 12 months.

BP (Grangemouth) FCCU Fire 2000

The Fluidised Catalytic Cracker Unit situated on the Oil Refinery had been shut down on 29th May 2000 following the power distribution failure. On 10th June 2000 at approximately 03:20 a.m. during start up procedures which commenced on 9th June there was a significant leak of hydrocarbons from the Fluidised Catalytic Cracker Unit (FCCU orContinue reading “BP (Grangemouth) FCCU Fire 2000”

CAI / Arnel Explosion 2006

On November 22, 2006, at about 2:45 am, a violent explosion at the CAI/Arnel manufacturing facility rocked the town of Danvers, MA. The explosion and subsequent fire destroyed the facility, heavily damaged dozens of nearby homes and businesses, and shattered windows as far away as two miles. At least 10 residents required hospital treatment forContinue reading “CAI / Arnel Explosion 2006”

Veolia Environmental Services Explosion 2009

At about 12:07 a.m. on May 4, 2009, highly flammable vapor, released from a waste recycling process, ignited and violently exploded, severely injuring two employees and slightly injuring two others at Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC. Multiple explosions afterward significantly damaged every structure on the site. Residences and businesses in the surrounding community also sustainedContinue reading “Veolia Environmental Services Explosion 2009”

Chevron (Richmond) Fire 2012

On August 6, 2012, the Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Refinery in Richmond, California (‘the Chevron Richmond Refinery’) experienced a catastrophic pipe rupture in the #4 Crude Unit. The incident occurred from piping referred to as the ‘4-sidecut’ stream, one of several process streams exiting the refinery’s C-1100 Crude Unit Atmospheric Column. The pipe rupture occurred onContinue reading “Chevron (Richmond) Fire 2012”

Exxonmobil (Torrance) Refinery Explosion 2015

On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, an explosion occurred in the ExxonMobil Torrance, California refinery’s Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), a pollution control device in the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit that removes catalyst particles using charged plates that produce sparks (potential ignition sources) during normal operation. The incident occurred when ExxonMobil was attempting to isolate equipment forContinue reading “Exxonmobil (Torrance) Refinery Explosion 2015”