An explosion and fire razed a chemical factory in the Bandar Kinrara Industrial Park Fire & Rescue Department deployed eight fire trucks and 54 fire fighters. It was reported that the spark from the factory’s production floor ignited the highly flammable Hexane Source: A web-based collection and analysis of process safety incidents (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0950423016302285) Image Credit:Continue reading “BUKIT JALIL EXPLOSION 2015”

Chemstar Explosion 1981

Chemstar Limited was a small chemical company specialising in solvent recovery. The site was based in Stalybridge on the outskirts of Manchester. The explosion and subsequent fires occurred at approximately 23.30 hours on the night of 6 September 1981 resulting in one fatality. At the time of the accident the main water supply to theContinue reading “Chemstar Explosion 1981”

New Castle Explosion 1980

An explosion occurred while polypropylene polymerization was being carried out in three parallel reaction trains (A,B,C) at this petrochemicals plant. The reactants were carried in a hexane solvent with several catalysts and processed onto pellets. As a result of a maintenance error, a 100 millimetre plug valve was blown out of a line in trainContinue reading “New Castle Explosion 1980”

Münchsmünster Explosion 2005

A release of hexane created a vapor cloud which was ignited on an electric motor, causing an explosion. This resulted in damage to a process unit and injured 20 people. The plant was eventually replaced. [ Property Damage $200 Million. Estimated Current Value $280 Million ] Image credit: Gaulke