Sterigenics Explosion 2004

On August 19, 2004, an explosion at the Sterigenics International, Inc., ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization facility in Ontario, California, injured four workers and caused extensive damage to the 66,000 square-foot facility. Flying glass from the control room windows was responsible for all of the injuries, and both the facility structure and equipment sustained severe damage.Continue reading “Sterigenics Explosion 2004”

Zwijndrecht Explosion 1987

An explosion occurred in the final purification column of an ethylene oxide manufacturing plant, resulting in 14 people being injured. The explosion caused several secondary fires on the original units, as well as other units nearby, but all were under control within 30 minutes. The root cause was identified as a rapid overpressurization of theContinue reading “Zwijndrecht Explosion 1987”

Seadrift Explosion 1991

An explosion occurred in the ethylene oxide process unit at this plant. As a result, the ethylene oxide refining column was completely destroyed, the ethylene glycol unit was substantially damaged, and the co-generation unit was partially damaged. A pipe rack near the storage area for liquid ethylene oxide was damaged when a large piece ofContinue reading “Seadrift Explosion 1991”