Abqaiq Explosion 1977

A 30-inch diameter crude oil pipeline failed and destroyed three spheroids, pumping units, and other equipment. Ignition was caused by motor vehicles.

Marcus Hook Explosion 1975

The United States flag tanker “Edgar M. Queeny” rammed the Greek tanker “Corinthos,” while the latter was discharging 400,000 bbl of crude oil at a refinery jetty at Marcus Hook on the Delaware River. A huge initial explosion, and subsequent explosions and fires, occurred on the Greek ship as a result. Twenty-five crew members wereContinue reading “Marcus Hook Explosion 1975”


Two people were injured by an oil tank explosion in Galveston, Texas on May 19. Local officials said workers had been conducting welding near or on the crude oil storage tank before the explosion happened at the storage terminal on the coast of Texas, southeast of Houston. The blast happened at the Pelican Island StorageContinue reading “ENJET EXPLOSION 2020”


At least 22 people were injured when a crude oil tanker burst into flames at one of Indonesia\’s busiest ports on Monday (May 11) with rescuers scrambling to reach dozens trapped on board, an official said. Two explosions were heard shortly before the blaze erupted on the 250m long Jag Leela, belching huge clouds ofContinue reading “AFRAMAX TANKER FIRE 2020”


A rail car with more than 100 tanks of crude bakken oil derailed in West Virginia, generating a huge fireball, the evacuation of hundreds of people and, a spill into the Kanawha River. Hundreds evacuated – FRE issued CSX and Sperry Rail Service $25.000 fines each Proximate causes: • Inadequate tools, equipment & vehicles (railContinue reading “CSX (KANAWHA) EXPLOSION 2015”


A fire started in a 5000-L tank at the Milazzo refinery, which is jointly owned by Italy’s Eni and Kuwait Petroleum. Firefighters controlled the fire but the tank burned until the oil tank was empty. According to the fire department, the fire was caused by the collapse of the tank roof. Proximate causes: • InadequateContinue reading “MILAZZO FIRE 2014”

Maridi Explosion 2015

Tanker crash followed by a blast took place on a road close to the town of Maridi. The leaking tanker along with pilferage attempts led to an explosion. Proximate causes: • Lack of knowledge of hazard present • Inadequate tools/equipment or vehicle • Inadequate work planning Source: A web-based collection and analysis of process safetyContinue reading “Maridi Explosion 2015”