Havkong Grounding 1993

The Bermuda registered LPG tanker Havkong, berthed at the Braefoot Bay Marine Terminal in the River Forth in fine weather on 23 January 1993. The ship moored alongside, in compliance with the terminal’s Jetty Regulations, including those related to moorings. However the winch and fairlead positions aboard Havkong were such that, despite deploying lines inContinue reading “Havkong Grounding 1993”

Pampa Explosion 1987

An explosion occurred in an air line in a reactor used for the liquid phase oxidation of butane as it was being started up. The explosion ruptured the external portion of the air line to the reactor, allowing the reactor contents to vaporize and form a cloud. The vapor cloud drifted and ignited about 25Continue reading “Pampa Explosion 1987”