Ammonium Nitrate

Stored Ammonium Nitrate (AN) has exploded violently Aspects:• AN is used as fertilizer and sometimes stored in large quantities close to populated areas.• Under a number of conditions, certain grades of AN can undergo a violent decomposition resulting in a devastating detonation. Fire and shock wave can cause ignition.NH4NO3 → N2 + 2 H2O +Continue reading “Ammonium Nitrate”

Oppau Explosion 1921

On 21 September in 1921, two consecutive explosions occurred in a silo in the BASF plant in Oppau, Germany, creating a 20m deep, 90x125m large crater. The entire area was covered by dark green smoke and there were several additional fires and small explosions. At the time of the event 4500 tonnes of ammonium sulphateContinue reading “Oppau Explosion 1921”

Beirut Port Explosion 2020

An explosion at a warehouse storing ammonium nitrate in Beirut, Lebanon, has killed at least 135 people and injured at least 5,000. Two explosions occurred at around 18:00 local time on 4 August. According to local media and video footage, the initial explosion caused white smoke to rise from the warehouse in Beirut port, followedContinue reading “Beirut Port Explosion 2020”

West Fertilizer Explosion 2013

On April 17, 2013, a fire and explosion occurred at the West Fertilizer Company (WFC), a fertilizer blending, retail, and distribution facility in West, Texas. The violent detonation fatally injured 12 emergency responders and three members of the public. Local hospitals treated more than 260 injured victims, many of whom required hospital admission. The blastContinue reading “West Fertilizer Explosion 2013”

Port Neal Explosion 1994

An explosion occurred in the ammonium nitrate process area of this plant. As a result of the explosion, the seven-story main process building was completely destroyed and a 30-foot-diameter crater was created. Metal fragments from the explosion punctured one of the plant’s two 15,000-metric-ton refrigerated ammonia storage tanks. The punctured tank released an estimated 5,700Continue reading “Port Neal Explosion 1994”