There are many ways we use the Database to connect past Incidents, current Media and future Events.


The AIChe CCPS Process Safety Beacons often cite incidents from CSB investigations, for example:

202001JulAll DayProcess interruptions: a threat to process safetyProcess Safety Beacon | Pay attention to all equipment containing chemicals, even if it is “shut down“ Origin: CCPS Lessons:Asset integrity,Control of Work,Emergency Preparedness,Operating Procedures,Operational Integrity,Risk Assessment,Stakeholder EngagementLanguage:EN TagsProcess Interruptions

200213OctAll DayFirst Chemical Reactive Chemical Explosion 2002First Chemical Corp. Pascagoula (US-MS) Origin: CSB Lessons:Asset integrity,Control of Work,Emergency Preparedness,Risk Assessment,Stakeholder EngagementIndustry:PetrochemicalsCountry:United StatesLanguage:ENLoC:Confined explosion TagsRelief Systems

The Key Issues from the investigation reports can be used to categorise Lessons to be Learned according to familiar PSM Frameworks:

Bulletins are available in a variety of languages:


Planned events are associated with techniques or technologies that address deficiencies in PSM Frameworks – for example a webinar on Bowties provides information on the Risk Assessment element :

Missing Event Data

Related Events

The RELATED EVENTS feature hyperlinks connect Incidents to other Incidents, Media e.g. from the IChemE or relevant Events:

198806JulAll DayPiper Alpha Explosion 1988Occidental UK North Sea (GB) Origin: HSE Lessons:Commitment & Culture,Control of Work,Emergency Preparedness,Management of Change,Operational IntegrityIndustry:OffshoreCountry:United KingdomLanguage:ENLoC:Maintenance error


Incidents are also mapped geographically:

Animated or live videos associated with Incidents e.g. from the CSB or the IChemE Safety Centre are also mapped to Major Accidents:


The Industry in which the Incident occurred, the Hazard(s) associated with the process/activity where the Incident occurred and the Consequences of the Incident are classified as follows:



The site also provides inspiration from historic Thought Leaders including Trevor Kletz and Albert Einstein:

It also offers insight from current Industry Leaders including Andrew Hopkins:

Trish Kerin and Fiona Macleod:

Technical art created by talented engineers; Ramin Abhari, Rachael Cowin & Cesar Puma:


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