Holding In NOT Holding Up

The familiar Process Safety Management (PSM) Frameworks are typically based on a structural model where elements (pillars) are founded on sound principles: However, it is conceivable that several “columns” could be removed (or not constructed) and the PSM “roof” remains intact (albeit weakened). A better model might be an arch which requires all elements (blocks)Continue reading “Holding In NOT Holding Up”

Langue commune | Lingua Franca

Cela fait exactement une semaine depuis la terrible tragédie de Beyrouth … It’s exactly one week since the terrible tragedy in Beirut … Naturellement, il y a eu une vague d’indignation à propos de l’incapacité d’apprendre des incidents passés et des dangers connus de la manipulation d’un matériau explosif familier, mais parce que nous manquonsContinue reading “Langue commune | Lingua Franca”

لغة مشتركة | Lingua Franca

مضى أسبوع بالضبط على المأساة الرهيبة في بيروت … It’s exactly one week since the terrible tragedy in Beirut … من المفهوم أنه كان هناك فيض من الغضب حول الفشل في التعلم من الحوادث السابقة والمخاطر المعروفة للتعامل مع مادة متفجرة عائلية ، ولكن نظرًا لأننا نفتقر إلى الوقت ، ينجرف انتباهنا إلى تحديات أخرىContinue reading “لغة مشتركة | Lingua Franca”

Mission Impossible?

Most of us use Google daily, but how many actually know or think about their vision or mission? Our mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google We endeavour to do the same in our way in your industry – quite simply we aim to organise the world’s Process Safety information and make it universallyContinue reading “Mission Impossible?”

Thanks for the Memory

In 2008, Trevor Kletz was interviewed by the CSB and offered (amongst many) the following provocative and memorable observation: “The major problem with the chemical industry and indeed, with other industries, is that the way accidents are investigated; reports are written, circulated, read, filed away and then forgotten. And then ten years later, even inContinue reading “Thanks for the Memory”


There are many ways we use the Database to connect past Incidents, current Media and future Events. Bulletins The AIChe CCPS Process Safety Beacons often cite incidents from CSB investigations, for example: The Key Issues from the investigation reports can be used to categorise Lessons to be Learned according to familiar PSM Frameworks: Bulletins areContinue reading “DataBasics”

Hindsight Insight Foresight

Welcome to a free-to-access online relational database that applies the Hindsight from previous Incidents (i.e. LoPC/LoC Process Safety Events), the Insight from current Media and the Foresight from future Events to facilitate more effective Learning from and Acting upon the negative & positive experiences from Major Accidents. We aim to Inform the next generation ofContinue reading “Hindsight Insight Foresight”