2020 Vision

20/20 vision measures clarity or sharpness of vision and inevitably is the theme for the year ahead.

In 2014 the CCPS publishedVision 20/20 Process Safety: The Journey Continues

That ‘not-too-distant future’ is now here and where are we? – awash with data ranging from puddles to oceans, so we should be better informed – shouldn’t we?

Knowing what can go wrong is not enough – we must UNDERSTAND why and be proactive to anticipate and ACT before control/containment is lost.

Hazard analyses can give a false sense of safety as assumptions or predictions about Causes, Consequences and Controls are not validated and/or changes are uncontrolled.

Don’t let the effort you’ve invested in these studies fester in a folder in a frozen format waiting for years to be reborn – let us improve your clarity by enhancing existing studies to develop Technical Information (for the few) into Practical Knowledge and Operational Wisdom (for the many).

We’ve a number of PHA visualisation solutions to improve your understanding of risk and better appreciate the criticality and vulnerability of your organisational & technical barriers

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